I am living in the Modern World now.

I finally got a real Cell Phone yesterday. Made that big step. I have been looking at different phones, from the I phone to the Verizon Droid. I needed to find the phone that worked for me. I decided on Sprint's Samsung Moment. The Unlimited Data and Text plan was cheaper and I have unlimited mobile to mobile minutes. So if you call my cell, use your cell. :) It is running of the Android operating system, like the Verizon Motorola Droid does, just uses the Sprint 3G network. It has Apps like the I phone, so that craved my I phone decision. I can get email, browse the web, IM with Yahoo and AIM, and do a lot more than my old Tracfone could do. So far I am happy with it, but still learning the features.

Warm And Fuzzy Christmas Party was the BOMB!

Went out to Coco Beach on Friday through Sunday to party at the Warm and Fuzzy Christmas Party. Once again I had a blast at the WFCP. Even though it rained most of it, it was by far one of the best ones yet. Thanks to Pacerfox and Laphin for being good roomies. Quincy was there too but only for Friday night. And thanks to Laphin for bringing Wully Bully and Ditto out in the party. I brought Santa Paws out to the party. Thanks to Oz for the dances Friday night when I DJed. *WINK* Thanks to Herbie and KP for throwing a hell of a party. Takala, thank you for being a good friend and making some kick ass Macadamia Nut Chicken. A bunch of us went out Friday night to a Delicious Sushi/Thai restaurant called Thai Thai. Michel Mephit, KP, Zeke, Zorin, Malowolf, Jackie Dog, Takala was some of the gang that went out for Sushi. I am sorry Twinkie that you were sick through most of the party. I would like to thank Xavier Rottie for something special he did for me. He let me put on, one of my favorite fursuits out there, Xavier Rottie. That meant a lot to me. Thanks also go out to all the suiters that came to my Dances. Nice seeing you all over the weekend. Sorry if I left some out, but so much happened in a short period of time, I would be here all night. I hope you liked the music. I can not wait till next year! For pics taken by Zorin Lynx from WFCP click HERE!

Scooby Beg

Monday night was a nice night to reflect someones life that was lost

It has been really somber at work lately. A fellow co-worker who I have worked with for my eight years at my Company passed away on Halloween day. Monday night a couple of fellow employees and I went out to a restaurant to talked about our passed friend. We also reflected on our own lives and what we have, friends and family. Sorry if I was busy Monday night and was not around online or offline. To some furs, that was the plans that I had that night. Her Funeral Services will be tomorrow at 6pm. So I will be going there after work.

MFF Room Search

Hey I am really thinking about going to MFF. But I have no room space. Does anyone have space for a Wild Wolfy? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks all.

Egyptian Themed Room at night

Here are the pics of the room at night with all the light effects on. The pics are kinda dark and fuzzy, cause I had no flash on, but you get the idea. It is one of those things were you need to be here to see. Especially with all the candles flickering like real flames.


For more night pics click HERE.


Egyptian Themed Guest Room and Office

Hey, I just wanted to post some pics of a room in my house that I am proud of. I decorated it myself and of course themed it Egyptian. Oh who am I kidding, it is mostly all Anubis. I painted the walls and painted a full wall sized Mural. I also matted and framed art pieces I obtained. I also put about 15 led candles that flicker like a real candle. They are all on timers so they come on at 8pm every night and shut off at 1am. I also have fake torches and a black light. It looks real sharp at night with all the lighting effects on. I need to try and take pics at night to get the light effects.Take a look and let me know what you think.


More pics can be found HERE in my Egyptian Room Gallery.


Even More Crappy News

Well I went to the dentist yesterday. They did X-Rays and looked at my mouth. But the dentist did not do anything yet. I need to take Antibiotics for a week before I can have the two Root Canals. The problem with this is I took my prescription to Walgreens Pharmacy and they said it would be like 30 minutes to fill. I went home, cause I only live 5 minutes from there. I get a call 30 Minutes when I get home saying there is an error with my insurance, that they will contact my insurance provider. My perscription will not be filled at this time. I have not heard anything since. I will be calling the Walgreens this morning and find out why they are incompident. It is amazing too cause my insurance is from my workplace and we have a Walgreens Health center with Pharmacy on property.

More Crappy news. The Dentists estimated cost to fix my whole mouth is going to be $9557.00 and that is with my Dental Insurance from work. I do not have that money and the only way I will be able to pay it off is with years of visits to the dentist. My shitty Dental Insurance at work only pays out $1000 a year. And the dentist even said all the damage in my mouth was not my fault. He said my teeth are clean and looks like I brush well. The problem with them he said are from the Orthodontist I had back when I was a teenager . The Orthodontist left my braces on 2 years too long and it deteriorated my enamel on my teeth. I also had Silver fillings too back in the day. Well apparently those were bad to use, which they did not know back then, and all the places that have had these fillings are starting to turn corrosive and in turn rotting my teeth around the fillings. So by other peoples mistakes and errors, I have to pay for it in the end. God I love this shit.

A Week I Wish I Could Forget

Well this week basically was a ride of emotions and pain. First off on Friday last week, I started to get a pain in my mouth. It gradually got worse as the week progressed. I have been taking pain medication that works a bit, but wear off after a couple of hours. I think I will have to have a root canal. Today is Dentist visit, so hopefully it will be fixed. And the second thing that happened was  Kellogg_collie and I seperated. I got woken up Sunday night to him saying he wanted to talk. He explained that he does not want a relationship anymore. I was confused, hurt, but I agreed to the seperation. I still love him so much, and it is somewhat hard for me, but I am staying strong and keeping a chin up. I will always love him and on a positive note. We will still stay close friends, just not mates anymore. So once again I am out there in the world single. I am sure one day I will find the person for me. Thank you all that have called me to see if I am alright, and gave me the support through this. It is well appreciated.

Megaplex 2009! A con to Remember!!

Well I have been attending Megaplex since it started 8 or so years ago. I have helped out with panels, and fursuit games in the past. This by far had to be the best Megaplex yet. Last year was a close second, especially playing Megapather. This year was the first time I was a true staff member. I was 1/2 of the Fursuit Track Lead. It was a lot of work, but I got through it, thanks to the help of my fellow staff members, my collie Kellogg, and with the awesome attendees we had this year. Thank you all for the help and the wonderful comments. It was an honor once again to play the icon mascot again this year, as Santa Paws. Also I had a good time DJing Thursday night, even though there was a small turnout, but I still enjoyed it. Thanks to all that attended my two fursuit construction panels. I hope I could share some techniques, and ideas that I had.

Kellogg- Thanks for being there for me and being a wonderful collie.
KP- Thanks for all the support, and announcing the fursuit games.
Yappy - Thanks for all you did for the con, and helping with much needed info.
Recca - Thanks for DJing after my set, to help the party continue. And also for setting up in the hallway. That was cool.
Takala - Thanks for your help with the fursuit games, and the Funspot event. Plus also the helped you gave precon.
Tilt - Thanks for being a great roomie and doing the performance panel.
Roby Panther - Thanks for being another great roomie.
Laphin - Thanks for being able to suit up for events and help with the Fursuit Games as a wrangler.
Kung Fu Dave - Thanks for being there to wrangle at the Fursuit Games. You are also a cool person to hang with.
Vitai Tiger - Thanks for helping me carry my bins around for my panels. Need to get with you for your fursuit.
Ruff - Thanks for being a good friend and it was nice to see you when you came by the room.
Yippee - Even though you were not at the con, thank you for sending Walden to be there. He really helped bring smiles and went well with the theme.
Big Blue Fox - One of the best Guest of Honors I met. Not many come and hang out in your room. It was nice meeting you and seeing you. I hope to see you more, and hang in the future.
Wyoon - It is always so good to see you. Glad you decided to come to the con. Would not be a MP without you.

Thanks to everybody else as well. If I missed mentioning you, please let me know. I had a lot going on at the con. I was running around a lot so, I probably was a stupid wolfy and forgot. Can not wait till next year, and it will be bigger and better.