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Furry Cruise 2006 Post Report

     What an awesome time! It was Takala Zebra and me rooming together. We were in stateroom 7126. It was a nice room with a balcony. Takala came in Friday Night December 1st. Kellogg and me picked him up from the airport around 12 midnight. His flight was delayed a bit. We headed over to the bus pick up at Mickey D's on Sunday the 3rd. Kellogg went along and drove back the van which was a help. He also came and picked us up, when we got back, which was a nice site. A friendly face. 
     We got on the bus at 8 am on Sunday the 3rd, and drove to Fort Lauderdale. We got on the Radiance of the Seas ship about 1 pm. Got our stateroom 7126. Went to lunch in the Windjammer. The luggage came before dinner and I unpacked. Well my luggage got there. Takala's costume bin was held because he had a toy pirate gun, which was part of his costume. It made no sense, because other suiters had toy guns, or even replicas that looked real. He did get his bin after dinner, but it was minus one toy gun. We suited for the first time that night. It was fun and people seemed to enjoy us running around. Other suiters were out that night as well. 
     The ports were all cool. Grand Cayman was my favorite, cause I met up with WolfGrowl for a brief time. He lives on Grand Cayman. I also went to the pirate shop that is there. Been there the last 2 times I was at Grand Cayman before. The store has nice cheap pirate costume pieces. Key West was another port we went too, as well as Cozumel Mexico, and Montego Bay, Jamaica. Montego Bay, Jamaica was my least favorite port. Ocho Rios, Jamaica is a far nicer port. 
     Takala and Me entered a pirate costume contest. I made it to 2nd place. Got beat by a woman in a cheap skimpy pirate outfit. Guess drunk guys go for boobs, than cute fur characters. Takala and me did get in the highlight video, in and out of costume. So we were in the video twice. The video was shown the last night during the Finale Show and it is also on the cruise in review DVD. The whole theater laughed when the scene came up of Takala and me dancing in suit. 
     A lot of crew members and guests thought that we were part of the entertainment. During the last couple of days, Takala and me switched costumes, and I was a zebra, and he was a raccoon. It was cool wearing a different suit, and I thank Takala for letting me have the chance to do so. 
     The cruise in all was one of the best ones I have been on. The ship was beautiful, the food was excellent, and the service top notch. And I have been on 10 before, this was my 7th Royal Carribean cruise. Thanks to Takala, Seawolf, KT, Sable, Zotcoon and Tigrekat, and others for hanging with me and making my cruise experience an enjoyable one. 
     We did a lot of suiting, Takala and me. A lot of Guests and Crew knew us after the cruise was over, cause they saw us out in costume many times.I mean we suited every day, and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day for 1 to 2 hours straight. Sometimes we did not even get to bed till 1am. The Crew and guests even recognized us out of costume. That was weird. You may be asking, were the costumes wet most of the time, since they were worn a lot? Actually no, I brought 2 twelve inch fans. I set them up in the closet and they were very strong. Made a wind tunnel. The whole set up dried the costumes in like 2 -4 hours. We also used the new frebreze with the antibaterial killer in it to kill germs and make the costumes smell fresh. Even on the last day, the costumes did not smell at all. Infact they smelled fresh. Nice stuff.
     Thanks Kellogg for dropping us off, picking us up and watching my pets while I was gone. That was a real help. I wish you could have gone with us on the cruise.

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